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AMA is a professional organization dedicated to preparing its members for the
business world by creating an innovative atmosphere full of learning and creation.
We are a flexible organization with a variety of different opportunities for all kinds
of majors. Great possibilities lie ahead in AMA. We encourage you to attend our
informational meeting and activities!

Top Ten Reasons to Join AMA

1. On the job learning experiences
2. Flexible organization open to all majors
3. Vital part of a resume that could lead to better job possibilities
4. Creative and fun atmosphere
5. Opportunity to meet and network with business speakers and professionals
during our scheduled events and the AMA international conference.
6. Registration with AMA and its international job bank
7. Variety of projects that fit many different interests and personalities
8. Development of skills vital to all areas of business and other professions
9. Opportunity to create lasting friends and memories
10. With your help, we will continue to make AMA an award-winning chapter and “The
Organization” in the Truman State University School of Business

Costs associated with joining are $47 per year for national membership and $40 per year for our local chapter. A check for $87 should be made out to “The American Marketing Association”.